New exhibition

Featuring 20 new works by John Gillies and a new series of works from Svetlana Orinko. 

John Gillies

  • Well known for his skillful art using pallet knife with oils, A Cantabrian by birth, John’s work is distinctively unique and is the winner of numerous art awards. Over 20 new paintings will be on display during the exhibition including works of the Amuri basin. View a selection of paintings here

Svetlana Orinko

  • Born in the Ukraine, Svetlana showed artistic talent from a very young age. With much tenacity and years of training, her artistic ability enabled Svetlana to settle in NZ. With more than two decades of painting in Christchurch she is highly regarded and her work is well sought after by collectors here and internationally. View a selection of works here

The exhibition runs until November 8th. Enquiries 027 3999 055 or 03 315 8334